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Grade 5/6

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Week of 03-6-17
Just a reminder that we are a peanut and tree nut free school.  Please do not bring or send in anything containing these ingredients.  Do not bring in anything with the warning "packaged or processed where there are peanuts and or tree nuts."
This week grade 5 and 6 are reading plays.  Students were assigned parts and read through the plays as a class.  Just a reminder that there is a Spelling Test on Friday.  Please remind your child/children to study their words.
Grade 5 Math:
This week we are taking the Star Assessment.  In class students are working on multiplication and division of fractions.  They will also be reviewing finding area.
Grades 5 & 6 Social Studies:
This week we are continuing work on researching our countries for our presentations.  Students are reading an informational text about their individual countries.  Students are taking notes and fact finding in preparation for writing their reports.
Important Dates to Remember:
-Thursday, March 9, 2017           -Basketball Games @ Eastport
-Monday, March 13, 2017           -Basketball Game with Lubec
-Wednesday, March 15, 2017     -Basketball Game with Charlotte
-Thursday, March 16, 2017        -Basketball Games with Alexander
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