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Grade 7/8

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Heredity Lab

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We have an online classroom link  & it's called Edmodo. You will find daily information on your child's progress, homework, quizzes, and other classroom updates. Please click the link above (beside 'Class of '18 & '17). Signup is easy and takes just a couple minutes. Please email me if you have trouble signing up (

Mrs. Griffith

March 27th, 2017

Dear Parents,


    As you know, the 7th/8th grade presentations are fast approaching. This year’s theme is ‘Countries’ and Canada was chosen for our grade. We have a couple of deadlines that I wanted to be sure to share with you.


Tentative date for presentations: Tuesday, April 4th

Final Drafts due for research paper: Thursday, March 30th

Tri-fold boards: Friday, March 31st


    Presentations date is ‘tentative’ because of basketball playoff scheduling. For over a month, your student has had his/her topic. The following are requirements for full credit on the presentation:

  1. A research paper that includes a title page, an outline, 2 full pages of research, works cited page

  2. A tri-fold board highlighting key elements in the research

  3. Oral presentation


    A good portion of class time has been devoted to getting research and organizing the paper. All students have passed in a rough draft of their research. Please see attached rubrics on what is expected as well as notes at the bottom about your child’s progress thus far. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me. 726-5564


Child: ____________________________________

______________________ has/has not used class time wisely. He/she has completed ___________________________________________________ and is ready to finalize the final draft of research paper. Work needing to be finished is ________________________________


Additional comments: __________________________________________________________





                                        Mrs. Griffith

May 16 – 20, 2016


Dear Parents,

It's the middle of May already! It hardly seems possible that the year is nearly over. I know students....especially eighth graders....are anxious to finish, but I'm hoping we can finish well. We have a bit more to complete before June 7th.


  • Permission Slips – Students participating in the Gifted and Talented program need to return their permission slips for their field trip to Bar Harbor this week.


  • Upcoming dates -

    • THIS Wednesday, May 18th is our spring music concert, please check the weekly newsletter for time.

    • May 25th Open House/Literacy Night at 6 p.m.

    • 8th grade class trip looks like it will be June 3rd. More details to follow!

    • 7th grade class trip to Roque Bluffs is tentatively scheduled for June 7th.


  • Math 7 – we have just finished our study of graphing and students have completed their assessments. We will begin chapter 6 this week and will be working with equations. This is the last chapter of our book!


  • Science – We finished up our chapter on Genes and DNA with an assessment and a 3-D model of DNA. Check out our pictures on our website –


  • ELA – This past week we worked on understanding rhyme scheme and elements of sound. We wrapped up our week with Cinquain poetry. Students wrote three cinquains, chose their favorite, and are illustrating it. Look for our table at Literacy Night/Open'll see examples of what we've been working on, and you can write a poem of your own!


  • Social Studies – We just finished our chapter “The Great Depression,” and we will begin learning about World War II next week in chapter 26. Students will be having a quiz Tuesday over Chapter 25, Section 3 on Tuesday, May 17.


Please feel free to email me at, or call me at school if you have any questions or concerns.


Have a great week!

Mrs. Farnsworth




St. Croix Regional Technical Center

In these photos, some of our students are taking part in the culinary program. On this day, they made sloppy joes from scratch.....they were yummy!!

Quick Lab - Fermentation in Action

Dramatic Title


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